Secretarial Services

Company secretary services encompass a wide range of administrative and compliance tasks to ensure that a company operates in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. Here is a list of common company secretary services that Corporate Synergy Provide.

These services are essential for maintaining the legal and operational integrity of a company and ensuring that it operates within the bounds of the law. Companies often hire in-house company secretaries or engage external corporate services providers to fulfill these responsibilities.


Incorporation Services
- Registering the company with the appropriate government authorities.
- Drafting and filing the necessary incorporation documents.
Statutory Compliance
-Ensuring the company complies with all statutory requirements.
- Filing annual returns and other required documents with regulatory bodies.
Corporate Governance
- Advising on corporate governance best practices.
- Organizing board meetings and drafting meeting minutes.
Record Keeping
- Maintaining and updating the company's statutory registers, such as the register of members and register of directors.
- Keeping track of important company documents.
Change of Directors and Shareholders
- Assisting with the appointment and resignation of directors.
- Handling changes in the shareholding structure.
Company Restructuring
- Providing support during mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.
- Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements during these processes.
Filing Annual Accounts
- Preparing and filing annual financial statements.
- Coordinating with auditors and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.
Compliance with Regulatory Changes
- Staying up-to-date with changes in company law and regulations.
- Advising the company on how these changes affect its operations.
Share Capital Management
- Managing issues of shares and share certificates.
- Handling share buybacks and capital reduction processes.
Company Dissolution
- Assisting with the voluntary or involuntary dissolution of the company.
- Handling the necessary paperwork and compliance with liquidation procedures.
Legal Advisory
- Providing legal advice on various corporate matters.
-Drafting and reviewing legal contracts and agreements.
Conflict of Interest Management
- Advising on conflicts of interest among directors and shareholders.
- Ensuring proper disclosure and resolution.
Trademark and Intellectual Property Services
- Managing trademark registrations and intellectual property rights.
- Ensuring protection against infringement.
Regulatory Reporting
- Preparing and submitting reports required by regulatory authorities.
- Ensuring timely compliance with reporting obligations.
General Administrative Support
- Handling administrative tasks such as preparing resolutions and maintaining the company's minute books.
- Assisting with communication between the company and regulatory bodies.
International Expansion
- Providing support for international subsidiaries or branches.
- Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations in multiple jurisdictions.