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Audit services are essential to establish credibility and build reputation - critically important assets in a global economy undermined by business scandals on multiple continents. Companies that successfully address audit issues improve the quality of their financial reporting and stand to gain credibility internationally with leading sources of capital.

Given the importance of audit services, many senior executives and audit committees look to Corporate Synergy for efficient procedures, the value of their work, and personal service. Your organization stands to gain in multiple areas - reputation, insight, service, and cost - by finding experienced auditors who truly value your business.

Statutory Audits
These are mandatory audits for companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2016. Generally, all companies are required to circulate their financial statements to shareholders within 6 months from their financial year end and file their audited financial statements with the Companies Commission of Malaysia within thirty days thereafter. Companies which are listed on Bursa Malaysia have additional requirements to file their audited financial statements and annual reports with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia within 4 months of their financial year end. Some exemptions from audit are provided under the Companies Act 2016 for private companies such as dormant companies, companies without revenue, or companies with a size below a certain threshold, measured by revenue, total assets or number of employees. However, such companies may choose to audit their financial statements for other purposes such as for obtaining banking facilities, tax filing or future expansion when audited financial statements are required.
Offshore Audits
Foreign operations and subsidiaries of Malaysian companies; and Foreign companies that are being acquired by Malaysian companies
Other Audits
Agreed Upon Procedures These are audits with fixed objectives and procedures agreed upfront with clien
Special Audits
These are audits performed outside the statutory audits and at the request of clients. They are generally undertaken for the purpose of corporate exercises such as IPOs. Mergers and Acquisitions, and Valuation exercises to establish the financial standing and valuation of a company.
Independent Management Reporting
These are services specifically for the preparation of management reports when an independent third party, where Corporate Synergy is required to provide credibility to these reports.
Reporting by Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Reporting for statutory purposes may be different from reporting for management purposes or KPI purposes. Reporting for KPI may include or exclude certain income or expense items in a set of management accounts. Corporate Synergy is able to prepare reports that accord with the wishes of the management and key staff involved.