Local Corporate service provider you can trust, we help with the expertise, you earn the benefit

Starting from a two-person company with capital of RM 2.00, Datuk Wira Hafarizam and Arlisma Zainul Ariff started their journey as the first Director and Shareholder of this company. They had to endure the hustle of pulling the weight of building a corporate empire in a wink of an eye. From these years they build an uncanny network across agencies and industries making sure that all tricks are not hidden in the corporate world.

Tired of enduring the procedures and the hustle they pledge that none of their clients shall endure the same. It has been the company mantra to ease clients’ dealings and to ensure smooth sails in their future endeavors. Say no more headache to setting up offices, hiring managers and key personnel. We got your back! Been there, done that.

Their dedication paid off, and more and more businesses trusted Corporate Synergy for their secretarial needs including Universiti Tun Abdul Razak Sdn. Bhd., WTC KL Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Asia e Learning Sdn. Bhd.

Today, Corporate Synergy is one of the most experienced secretarial firms in Malaysia, helping different types of businesses. They continue to work hard and serve their clients well.

The story of Corporate Synergy shows that with determination and a commitment to excellence, dreams can come true. It's an inspiration to others in business, proving that hard work and dedication lead to success.